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Easiest Countries to Move From Canada in 2024

Easiest Countries To Move From Canada | Visacollect

Easiest Countries to Move From Canada

As almost everyone agrees, Canada is one of the best countries to reside in, still, a lot of people from this country relocate to some other country. You can actually move from one country to another for a new life, for instance, if you are a Canadian and you want to move from the country because of the cold temperature or because of lack of job opportunities, or any other reason that can compel a Canadian citizen to move to another country, he or she can do it.


Golden visa is one of the fastest means of accessing Portugal. The golden visa is popular among foreigners seeking an entry into Portugal. Traditionally for many countries, Canadians may apply for their residency if they plan to live and invest in Portugal after five years as a permanent resident. There are requirements for investment in an urban real estate property which is the amount of €350,000 or € 500,000 for any other type of property for one person who intends to seek residency in Portugal.

Other avenues are, or if one is planning to attend a University in Portugal, they can apply for the student visa and if one has secured an employment in Portugal then, one can apply for the work visa. The passive income visa can also be gotten by a person who works over the Internet or can be referred to as a person who has a Digital Nomad job.

Overall it may be summed up that Portugal is blessed with more sunlight than the sunshine state of Canada with around 3200 sunlight hours per year.


If you have a desire to traverse to another continent of course you can, Australia perhaps the perfect country to migrate. Far away from the snow we say a final goodbye to Canada and hello to the warm cruller of the down under Australia. It should also be noted that unlike in some countries where the act of becoming an Australian citizen entails the act of relinquishing one’s Canadian citizenship, this does not seem to be the case. The 189 visa occupied with skilled vocations or the candidate to have the ability to get any type of work visa possibility is the fastest route to have the PR in Australia.

Moving from Canada to Australia has the following advantages:

  • Access to a top-notch university education.
  • Availability of top-notch medical care.
  • No difficulty communicating in words.
  • An abundance of sunshine!

New Zealand

Under the Skilled Migration Programme, which is available to Canadians, you can relocate to New Zealand if you possess talents that would provide financial benefits for New Zealand. Alternatively, you may apply for an investor visa to New Zealand, which will provide you permanent status after five years. In the following three years, you must commit at least NZ $10,000,000 and remain for a minimum of 88 days.

Moving to New Zealand from Canada allows you to:

  • In New Zealand, you can work, live, and study.
  • Incorporate your spouse and any dependent children under the age of twenty-four into your application for housing.
  • Befriend the welcoming inhabitants and take advantage of the wonderful beaches and weather.


Well it is possible to move to a sunny, culturally enhanced Mexico as long as you have gone through the legal process of immigration. The easiest current solution for immigration to Canadians is a Mexico digital nomad visa if your job permits working from home. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to obtain a work visa in Mexico (provided that it is possible to find a job) or retire in the country.

After getting a resident visa, one can apply to qualify as a permanent resident if he has lived in Mexico for 5 years continuously. After that, following your relocation, you can make good use of this nation’s famous history of the Aztecs, music, dance, food, and especially stunning beaches.

Lo and behold, migrating from Canada to Mexico possesses pertinent benefits.

  • Inexpensive medical care.
  • Delicious food.
  • Beautiful bright culture, friendly people, and picturesque sand154 beaches.
  • Closer to each of us than most of the options on this list.


This is a brief view of Germany as a powerful nation because of its powerful healthcare sector, education sector and economy. Work permit visa allows one to move to Germany to work for an employer provided by the firrms in Germany. If you are still working but currently have no job, you can apply for a visa which is for the job seekers. Relocating to Germany As an entrepreneur, you might also decide to relocate to this country of great opportunity. It is your duty to prove to authorities that you possess enough financial capital that will be needed in the establishment of the firm and that it can help improve the German economy in the process.

Moving from Canada to Germany has the following advantages:

  • Excellent and reasonably priced postsecondary education.
  • Residing in a secure nation.
  • Free medical care.
  • Balance between work and life.
  • Simple access to nations in Europe


The North American Language and Cultural Assistant programme facilitates movement from Canada to Spain that offers you an opportunity to teach English. You have the maximum freedom of switching to a Spain work visa if you got a job out of the programme.

The Spain Golden visa summarises the route to Spanish residency and fast track naturalisation. You have to invest at least €2000000 in certain kinds of the Spanish government securities, purchase shares of an enterprise, invest at least €500000 in the real estate property in Spain or deposit at least €1000000 with any Spanish bank.

Coming specifically to Spain from Canada has its benefits.

  • Inexpensive way of life.
  • citizenship following a decade.
  • Moving within Europe without restrictions Schengen states area for majority of period.


If you plan to live in France permanently or for a longer period, you can request different France long-stay visas. These are the French work visa (if, of course, you find a job) and the French student visa (if, on the contrary, you get accepted to a French University). Suppose as a student, you move to another place for learning and you get a job, you can live there as long as you want to. Of course, you can also apply for the Working Holiday Visa and in this case you are a Canadian who wishes to spend a year in France working, traveling and probably sightseeing.

The benefits of living in France are listed in the following order:The benefits of living in France are listed in the following order:

  • Superior medical care.
  • In terms of living expenses, it is cheaper than Canada.
  • Superior tertiary education.


A Canadian can have numerous reasons to move to the beautiful country of Croatia where you can find beautiful sea, beaches, national parks, and even historical architecture. The different types of visa that one can access from Canada if willing to move to Croatia is discussed below. The most popular one is the Croatian digital nomad visa which is appropriate for work from home job position.

Moving to Croatia from Canada has the following advantages:

  • Warm ambient temperature.
  • Much cheaper cost of living than in Canada.
  • Great cuisine, lovely setting, and amiable people.

You are able to work for a full year under the work and travel programme in any of the nations that have an agreement with Canada.