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An Overview of the Best Countries with Working Holiday Visa Programs

Best Countries to Get a Working Holiday Visa in 2024 | Visa Collect

A working holiday visa is a scheme to let young people simultaneously earn a living and visit another nation. Working vacation visas primarily serve to encourage young exchanges between two or more countries, therefore fostering cooperation between them. Young individuals with a working vacation visa can learn about and value many civilizations, customs, and lifestyles.

Requirements for Countries with Working Holiday Visa

Working holiday visas apply under the following guidelines:

Nationality: Your nation of citizenship has to actively engage in cross-border trade.

Age: Mostly, you have to be between the ages of 18 and 30. Citizens of Canada and New Zealand, however, can seek working holiday visas up to 35 years old.

Employment: Usually with working holiday visas, you can work for the same company for just six months; occasionally, depending on your place of origin and where you are working. Certain nations additionally restrict the kind of work that those on working holiday visas can engage in.

Visa count: Working holiday visas are annually allocated in most nations in a quota. It is on a first-come first-serve basis.

One-time visitor with a visa: Except for Australia, which lets participants get the working holiday visa more than once due to its second and third-year work and holiday programmes, most nations give a working holiday visa just once per individual.

List of Countries with Working Holiday Visa

Among the top nations granting working holiday visas are the following:


Australia offers one of the most often used working holiday visas, with around 150,000 offered generally in 2019/20. Australia has two subclasses of the working holiday visa depending on place of origin: Subclass 462 and Subclass 417.

Countries all around have signed the work and holiday agreement with Australia. Additionally available are second and third-year working holiday visas, which let you apply for the visa more than once. But keep in mind Australia controls the visa by restricting the kind of employment you can do—mostly construction or farming.


Designed for young people from several countries with which Canada has visa agreements, Canada provides a working holiday visa programme. This one-year visa offers a great chance for people to obtain employment experience while seeing Canada.

Participants in the working holiday visa have freedom and a large spectrum of employment possibilities since it lets them work in most Canadian businesses. Applying for this visa can be difficult and calls for both adherence to particular rules and production of required papers.

Usually, candidates must show they satisfy specific eligibility criteria including proof of financial stability and age restrictions. They would also have to have health exams and get insurance for their trip to Canada. Following the rules closely will help to ensure a successful application and a rewarding experience living and working in Canada, notwithstanding the difficulties of the application procedure.


For new graduates or students hoping to take a gap year, the working vacation visa programme in Ireland is perfect. Targeting graduates between the ages of 18 and 35, this programme demands candidates to be citizens of particular qualified countries. Successful candidates can combine travel and work to enhance their resumes and explore the rich culture and breathtaking scenery. Usually lasting 12 months, this visa allows some citizens to stay up to 24 months. This long duration gives enough opportunity to fully engage oneself in the local culture and get significant work experience, thus enabling a more in-depth experience.


Japan provides a working vacation visa allowing you to visit hot spring inns, cherry blossom gazing, and traditional tea ceremonies—cultural gems. Citizens of several nations can apply for this visa, which offers chances to live and work in historically significant and culturally rich surroundings. Though it specifically forbids working in bars, cabarets, nightclubs, or gaming establishments, the visa permits several kinds of employment. This control guarantees that the job experience supports a secure and enriching stay and corresponds with aims of cultural interaction.


Applying for the work and holiday scheme will provide you the opportunity to visit "the city of love" in France, if you have always wanted to do so. Working during your stay with this visa will help you to enjoy your French holiday and still cover your costs. France's work and holiday visa is valid for one year; you won't need permission to start working before you visit. Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada (accord on youth mobility), Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Taiwan, Uruguay are among the nations having agreements with France for their travel and work programme.


Argentina, a lively South American nation well-known for its rich culture and active way of life, is one of the top travel destinations for both holidays and business. With a first-rate working holiday visa policy, Argentina lets guests enjoy their vacation while employed and making money. You have to be a citizen of specific chosen nations to be qualified for this visa; some of these nations have limited limits. Valid for six months to a year, the visa allows you to work in retail, tourism, hospitality, and local companies among other fields. This programme is a special chance to support yourself financially and really engage in the local culture.


Austria, a stunning European country, grants working vacation visas to citizens from many different nations. The visa lets you stay for one year, during which you can help yourself financially by working at several kinds of jobs. Besides, the visa offers the extra advantage of travel inside the Schengen area. Common employment under this visa is waitressing, working on event crews, teaching, acting as a teaching assistant, and hotel employment. This programme offers a great chance to acquire useful work experience and enjoy the national culture and beauty.

New Zealand

New Zealand draws a lot of visitors because of its breathtaking natural beauty and rich settings. New Zealand has a work and holiday programme for folks who want to remain active and make money while enjoying their visit. Agreements with many countries let qualified citizens stay for up to 23 months under the programme. You can work in any profession you qualify for during your stay, so offering the ideal mix of travel and employment prospects. Those who want to support themselves through employment and experience the natural beauties of their nation will find a perfect fit in this programme.

United Kingdom.

London, the capital city and well-known for its rich culture and historical sites, is among the more costly destinations for tourists visiting the United Kingdom. The UK provides a youth exchange programme whereby you may earn throughout your visit, therefore helping with your cost of living. Among the several advantages of this two-year programme are chances to launch your own company or engage in temporary study projects. Applying for this visa requires you to be either a national of particular nations or possess particular forms of British nationality. This programme offers a great chance for working and maybe advancing your study while experiencing the busy city life.


Germany grants youth mobility visas and a working holiday visa to enable young people to pay for their holidays. Applying for this 12-month visa allows citizens from many nations to Depending on their credentials and interests, most young people would rather visit Berlin, where they can get employment in high-tech or start-ups. This programme offers a great chance to have work experience and enjoy Germany's rich culture.


Israel's working vacation visa system might be the answer if you have always wanted to visit Tel Aviv, Holy Jerusalem, Tiberias, Safed, Nazareth, and the Dead Sea but found it financially difficult. Provided the applicant's passport has at least 18 months of validity at the time of application, this visa is valid for 12 months and accessible to residents of a few chosen nations. This visa lets you support yourself by employment while exploring Israel's rich historical and cultural legacy.


One of the most travelled nations worldwide, Italy grants a working holiday visa allowing one to savour its magnificent sites and rich past. With TEFL skills, eligible citizens can use this visa to stay for up to a year working in a variety of seasonal employment including service staff in ski resorts, summer resorts, campsites, or even English teaching. Another choice is farm work with grape picking or strawberry gathering. This visa offers a fantastic chance to see Italy's cultural riches and pay for your trip.

South Korea

Popular working holiday visa option South Korea provides is based on its great cultural legacy and breathtaking views. Those qualified can apply for this visa and work in fields including tourism, translating, voice acting, English instruction. This visa is a great means of seeing South Korea and making money to help with your accommodation.


With its energetic cities such Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada, and Valencia, Spain grants a working holiday visa letting guests stay for twelve months. Language teachers, waiters, baristas, models, cooks, and kitchen helpers are among the several service, tourism, and hospitality employment eligible citizens might pursue. While earning money, this visa offers a chance to see Spain's rich cultural legacy, mild weather, and well-known beaches.


Young people may work and travel about Chile for up to one year under the Chilean youth mobility visa. You might hike some of the best paths in South America, stargaze in the Atacama desert, and tour vineyards during this period. Citizens of some nations qualify for this visa, which offers a great chance to work in Chile and really experience its natural splendour.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a work and vacation programme allowing one to stay for twelve months and work. Although citizens of many nations can apply for this visa, its quota is small. You cannot obtain the visa if the quota for your nation has been filled. This programme offers a special chance to support oneself via employment and enjoy Hong Kong's active way of life.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands offers working holiday visas to nationals of particular countries. This visa lets you spend a year discovering Dutch culture and way of life. Under the youth exchange programme, however, you have to work for a company for just 12 weeks at a time and cannot pursue full-time education or a job. Along with providing a chance to learn about life in the Netherlands, this visa gives useful employment experience.

Streamline Your Working Holiday Visa Application with VisaCollect

VisaCollect is a complete solution meant to simplify the application process for countries with working holiday visas including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and many others. Using VisaCollect allows candidates to easily negotiate the sometimes difficult and time-consuming visa application procedure. With step-by-step advice on eligibility criteria, documentation, and submission processes catered to every particular nation, the platform guarantees that applicants satisfy all required criteria and follow the relevant laws, greatly increasing their prospects of a successful application. VisaCollect also offers useful tools such as personalised assistance to handle any questions or problems that can develop, updates on policy changes, and visa quotas.

In conclusion, getting a working vacation visa can be intimidating, but VisaCollect makes the process far more doable. VisaCollect ensures a seamless and quick visa application process by providing professional advice and support, therefore enabling young travellers to seize these special chances to explore different cultures, get useful work experience, and make lifelong memories.

FAQs Regarding Working Holiday

Q1: Can I stay in these places longer on my working holiday visa?

Yes, you can ask for an extension of your working holiday visa in some countries, like Australia and Canada, as long as you meet certain requirements, like doing certain work in rural areas or fields where there aren't enough workers.

Q2: Do I need to know a certain language to get a working holiday visa?

Language needs are different in each country. Some places may require you to know the national language at least somewhat, while others are more open-minded. You should look into the specific rules of the place you want to visit.

Q3: What kinds of jobs can I get with a working holiday visa?

You can work in a lot of different fields, from shopping and hospitality to farming and office work. In some countries, there may be limits on how long you can work for the same company or what industries you can work in.

Q4: How long does it take to get a visa for a working holiday?

Each country has unique processing times. Some may handle applications in a few weeks, while others may take up to a few months. It is very important to plan and apply for things a long time before you want to leave.

Q5. Do I need to have a certain amount of money saved up to get a working holiday visa?

Most countries want to see proof that you have enough money to live on when you get there. The amount is different for everyone, but it's usually enough to pay for a return trip or living costs for the first few months.

Q6: If I have a working holiday visa, can I go to school?

The working holiday visa lets you study for a short time in many countries. If you want to go to school for a longer time, though, you might need to apply for a different kind of visa.

Q7: Is there a limit on how many working holiday visas can be given out each year?

Some countries have limits on how many visas they can give out each year, so it's best to apply as soon as the application time starts.