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You need a Visa to travel to Australia if you have a passport from United States.

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Explore the Mystical Wonders of Oman

Oman's huge deserts, ancient forts, and friendly people enthral tourists with a real Arabian experience. There is no shortage of varied attractions in this nation, from the busy marketplaces of Muscat, where the air is filled with the aroma of spices and the sound of vigorous bargaining, to the tranquil beaches that along its long coastline. Discover more about Oman's colourful souq and majestic fort in the historic city of Nizwa, or spend an amazing night beneath the stars in the cool dunes of Wahiba Sands. Oman is a country that offers equal parts adventure and leisure because every area has its special collection of wonders. The scenery of Oman provides an amazing setting for a variety of activities and cultural encounters, whether your tastes run to the excitement of desert safaris or the tranquillity of beachside getaways.

Important Landmarks and Attractions

Wadi Bani Khalid:

This breathtaking haven, ideal for swimming and picnicking, is well-known for its emerald and turquoise waters tucked away in mountain fissures. For those prepared to venture a little farther, this natural wonder offers private areas as it begins as a small ribbon of water and grows into a larger river.

Wahiba Sands:

Part of Oman's Empty Quarter, the Sharqiya Sands offer a window into the core of Bedouin culture. Here you may go sand dune bashing, set up a desert tent beneath the stars, or watch the sun set and the sand turn golden.


The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a magnificent example of architecture in Oman, while the busy streets of Muttrah Souq are another. Any visitor to Oman must see Muscat because of its picturesque setting between mountains and sea.

Musandam Peninsula:

Famous for its spectacular fjords, the Musandam Peninsula is sometimes referred to as the "Norway of Arabia." The greatest approach to see this breathtaking region and take in the untamed beauty of the surroundings is to go on a dhow tour.

Al Daymaniyat Islands:

Surrounded by brilliant coral reefs and glistening waters, these islands are a scuba diving and snorkelling paradise just a short boat trip from Muscat. They also present special chances for wildlife viewing as a vital sea turtle nesting place.


Previously the capital of Oman, this vibrant souq and magnificent Nizwa Fort make it a cultural treasure. Discovering the neighbouring Al Hajar mountains and the traditional Omani way of life are made easy from this base.

The Sinkhole in Bimmah:

Bimmah Sinkhole is an amazing natural wonder where you can cool yourself with a swim in its glistening clean water. Easy to get at and ideal for a brief halt on a road journey around the coast of Oman.

Wadi Shab:

Those wishing to explore on foot and swim in fascinating natural streams will find an adventure in this distant oasis with its enticing blue pools and spectacular canyon treks.

Misfat Al Abriyeen:

This old mud settlement with its palm palms and complex irrigation system provides a window into Oman's rural customs. It's a tranquil spot to relax and become fully involved in the community.

The 'Grand Canyon of the Middle East', Jebel Shams & Al Nakhur Canyon:

These are hiking paradise with amazing vistas. Trails lead to deserted settlements and breathtaking views from Jebel Shams, Oman's highest hill.

Best Time to Visit Oman

The ideal time to apply for an Oman visit visa online is from September to March when the weather is cooler and perfect for exploring the outdoors.

Quick Facts

  • Capital: Muscat
  • Currency: Omani Rial (OMR)
  • Language: Arabic (official), English widely spoken
  • Time Zone: GMT +4
  • Driving Side: Right
  • Climate: Arid; hot summers and mild winters
  • Major Religion: Islam
  • Government Type: Absolute monarchy
  • Area: 309,500 square kilometers
  • Population: Approximately 4.6 million
  • International Dialing Code: +968
  • National Day: November 18 (celebrates independence from Portugal in 1650)
  • Popular Tourist Attractions: Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Nizwa Fort, Wahiba Sands, Jebel Shams, Royal Opera House Muscat
  • Public Holidays: Islamic holidays (dates vary) such as Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, Islamic New Year

Types of Visas Offered By VisaCollect

Visa TypeDescription
Tourist VisaIdeal for people visiting family or going on vacation. With this visa, you can leisurely tour and enjoy your holiday.
Business VisaSuitable for attendees of conferences or meetings. Short travels are its intended use, and it expedites the transportation of business travellers.
Medical VisaFor those whose home country does not offer the medical care they require. This visa needs documentation from the hospital proving your ability to pay for your care.
Medical Attendant VisaThis visa enables a person to travel with a patient who is going overseas for medical treatment. Having this visa guarantees the patient support while receiving medical care.

Oman’s Visa Requirements

Valid passportA passport with at least two blank pages for stamps and six months beyond your expected stay in Oman is required.
Completed Visa Application FormComplete the visa application form with all required details.
Recent Passport-Size PhotoInclude a recent colour photo with the required dimensions and background colour.
Proof of ReturnShow your plan to leave Oman following your visit with a return ticket or itinerary.
Financial SufficiencyGather bank statements or host guarantees to prove you have the money to stay in Oman
Extra Documents Depending on Visa TypeSome visas require invitation letters, medical reports, or confirmation of Oman’s business contacts.

Oman Online Visa Application Process

Applying online for your Oman visa with VisaCollect is simple and quick. Simply complete, upload, and submit the application. We see to the rest, making sure your application is accurate and whole.

Government Fees

The fee for a visa is different for each type, and it is not refunded if the application is denied.

Travel Checklist

Valid passport and visa:

Ensure that your passport is valid for six months after your visit and that you have the necessary visa.

Return Ticket:

Book your return ticket to your home country or next destination to ensure a smooth departure from Oman.

Oman Contact Information:

Keep friends, family, and company contacts on hand in case of an emergency or need for local assistance.

Hotel Bookings:

Book your hotel arrangements early to ensure a seamless visit.

Oman Currency:

Purchase Omani Riyal for easy transactions, particularly in areas lacking credit cards.

Travel Insurance:

Comprehensive travel insurance protects against medical emergencies and hassles during vacation.


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