Indonesia Visa Entry requirements and travel information for Indonesia


You need a Visa to travel to Australia if you have a passport from United States.

Valid for 1 year

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Beautiful and full of varied landscapes, Indonesia is a nation of rich culture. There is something for everyone from busy markets to peaceful beaches. Discover the laid-back beaches of Bali, the creative atmosphere of Ubud, or the energetic city life of Jakarta. See historic temples, savour mouthwatering regional food, and feel the warmth of Indonesian welcome. Indonesia visa online application is offered at VisaCollect so prepare yourself for an amazing journey.

Important Places and Landmarks


Famous for its magnificent beaches, energetic nightlife, and unusual temples is Bali. Travellers seeking to unwind by the sea, discover verdant rice terraces, and take in the vibrant energy of beach clubs and marketplaces should make time for Bali.


This humming Indonesian capital has a blend of colonial and modern towers. It's a city with a range of cultural institutions, traditional marketplaces, and upscale retail malls all in one location.


Known for its affluent cultural legacy, Yogyakarta is the site of the famous Borobudur Temple, one of the biggest Buddhist temples worldwide. Discovering Indonesian culture is made easy in this city, which is particularly well-known for its traditional arts and crafts.

Komodo National Park:

The biggest reptiles on Earth, the Komodo dragons, are found only in this national park. Beautiful aquatic life in addition to the dragons makes the park an excellent snorkelling and diving location.

Gili Islands:

These are the ideal places to unwind on immaculate beaches and snorkel or dive. The Gili Islands are an underwater explorers' and beach lovers' dream come true with their brilliant coral reefs and glistening waters.

Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia's best season for visiting is May-September, offering dry weather, beautiful scenery, and outdoor activities like beaches, hiking, and sightseeing. The rainy season, October-April, offers fewer tourists and lush greenery, with the potential for excessive rainfall.

Quick Facts

  • Region: Southeast Asia
  • Capital: Jakarta
  • Major Cities: Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya, Medan
  • Language: Indonesian, Malay, English
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • Area: 1.905 million km²
  • Time Zone: IST (+1.30 hours

Types of Visas Offered By VisaCollect

Visa TypeDescription
Tourist VisaIdeal for people visiting family or going on vacation. With this visa, you can leisurely tour and enjoy your holiday.
Business VisaSuitable for attendees of conferences or meetings. Short travels are its intended use, and it expedites the transportation of business travellers.
Medical VisaFor those whose home country does not offer the medical care they require. This visa needs documentation from the hospital proving your ability to pay for your care.
Medical Attendant VisaThis visa enables a person to travel with a patient who is going overseas for medical treatment. Having this visa guarantees the patient support while receiving medical care

Indonesia’s Visa Requirements

Visa TypeDescription
Completed Application FormEnter all necessary information on the visa application form.
Recent Passport-Size PhotoAdd a current colour photo with the necessary measurements and background colour.
Proof of ReturnShow your plan to leave Indonesia following your visit with a return ticket or itinerary.
Financial SufficiencyGather bank statements or host guarantees to prove you have the money to stay in Indonesia.
Extra Documents Depending on Visa TypeSome visas require invitation letters, medical reports, or confirmation of Indonesia business contacts.


Online Indonesia Visa Application Process |

Indonesia Visa Online Application with VisaCollect is simple and quick. Simply complete, upload, and submit the application. We see to the rest, making sure your application is accurate and whole.

Government Fees

The fee for a visa is different for each type, and it is not refunded if the application is denied.

Travel Checklist

Valid passport and visa: Ensure that your passport is valid for six months after your visit and that you have the necessary visa.

Return Ticket: Book your return ticket to your home country or next destination to ensure a smooth departure from Indonesia.

Indonesia Contact Information: Keep friends, family, and company contacts on hand in case of an emergency or need for local assistance.

Hotel Bookings: Book your hotel arrangements early to ensure a seamless visit.

Currency: Purchase Indonesian Rupiah for easy transactions, particularly in areas lacking credit cards.

Travel Insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance protects against medical emergencies and hassles during vacation.

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