How to Check the Status of Your Visa Application: A Step-by-Step Guide

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It can be stressful to apply for a visa, but it doesn't have to be stressful to check on the progress of your application. Finding out how to check on the status of your visa application can give you peace of mind and help you make better travel plans, whether you're going on vacation, a work trip, or to move abroad.

Understanding The Visa Application Process

When you send in your visa application, it starts a process with several important steps, each of which shows a different part of the evaluation process. Here are some more specifics about what happens at each stage:


This is the first step in the process. The status of "Received" means that the visa processing centre has gotten your application and nothing important is missing. Now, your application is in queue for the first review, where the basic check of the papers you sent in makes sure everything is in order.

Under Processing:

Your application is looked over in more depth during this phase. Immigration officials look at the papers you've given them, like proof of your income, job, the reason for your visit, and any other paperwork needed for your specific visa category . Background checks, which include looking at your security and criminal record, are also done to make sure that there are no legal issues that could stop you from getting a visa.


This is the state that all applicants want to see. The word "Issued" means that your entry was accepted. The visa has been printed and is ready to be attached to your passport, or it will be given to you when you arrive, based on how the country gives visas. All checks and reviews have been completed satisfactorily. You can now move forward with your trip plans.


This is the worst state possible: "rejected." This means that your visa application did not go through. A visa rejection can happen for many reasons, such as not showing enough ties to your home country, not showing enough proof of financial stability, giving incomplete or wrong information, or security checks that raise concerns. Most of the time, the letter of rejection will explain exactly why you were turned down. This can help you decide if you can fix the problem and apply again. You usually have the option to review the decision or give more information that could change the decision.

Knowing about these steps can help you see how far along your visa application is and give you an idea of what to expect next in the process.

vHow to Check the Status of Your Online Visa Application

Many countries now have online systems that let you check on the progress of your visa application, which makes it easy to stay up to date. If you want to check your status online, here are the easy steps you need to take:

Check out the government website for visas:

If you want to apply to a country, this could be the webpage of its consulate or immigration service.

Type in your application information:

Most of the time, you will need your application number and some facts about yourself.

Send your work and check your status:

After entering your information, click "Submit" to see the progress of your visa application right now.

Why it's important to see if you have a visa

Keep an eye on the progress of your visa application to:

  • Make sure that your application is moving forward.
  • Make plans for your trip now that you know your visa will be accepted.
  • Take care of any problems if your application is delayed or turned down.

How to Fix Common Problems

Things can go wrong sometimes, like delays or not getting information. Here are some ideas:

Check your information again:

Make sure that all the information you put in is right.

Talk to the visa office:

It's best to get in touch with the embassy or consulate directly if there's a long wait.

Check Progress:

Checking the progress of your visa application is an important part of getting ready for your trip. It's easier than ever to stay up to date and make sure everything is ready for your trip now that most countries let you check your status online. Remember that knowing and keeping track of the state of your visa application can make planning your trip a lot easier.

Want More Help?

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1. What does it mean when the state of my visa application says "under processing"?

It means that your application is being looked over. Some of the things that can be done are background checks and checking documents.

2. For how long does it take to process my visa application?

Processing times are very different for each type of visa and each country. Check the website to see how long it usually takes to process.

3. Can I speed up the process of applying for a visa?

In some places, you can pay extra to get services faster. Check with the people who give out visas to see if these choices are available.

4. What should I do if the visa I applied for is turned down?

If you know why you were turned down and make the necessary changes, you can apply again unless you are told otherwise.

5. Is it safe to see what's going on with my visa application online?

Yes, as long as you use the official website that the office or visa processing centre gives you.

6. How do I check the progress of my visa online? What information do I need?

Most of the time, you will need your visa application number and personal information, like your passport number.

7. Can I find out about my visa without an application number?

Most of the time, you need an application number. Get help from the visa handling centre if you lose it.

8. How often should I see what's going on with my visa application?

There is no hard and fast rule, but it's a good idea to check every few days after the expected working time has passed.

9. Who can check on the progress of my visa application?

Most of the time, only the applicant or someone who knows about the applicant can check the state.

10. What should I do if the state of my visa application is wrong?

Get in touch with the visa filing centre right away to find out more and fix any problems.