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Top Best Free Game-Changing Social Media Tools and Strategies For Travel Experts

Stratergies for travel agents | Visacollect

As a travel agent or a travel agency seeking to enhance your digital/online presence, the utilization of social media tools is indispensable. These resources offer diverse ways for you to connect with current and future clients, promote your offerings, and keep your audience engaged even while you're away on your own adventures.

Here's an overview of some invaluable free social media tools tailored for travel agents:

Social Media Management


Manage multiple social media accounts seamlessly with Hootsuite. By consolidating your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more, you can post content, track conversations, and even schedule future posts right from a singular dashboard. This means your social media stays active, even as you enjoy a vacation without the need to post in real-time .


Similarly, Buffer focuses on streamlining your content strategy, allowing for bulk content creation and deferred posting. It's designed to keep your media feeds brimming with content without overwhelming your audience with too many posts at once .

Link Management


Marketing through content like travel news or blog posts? Bitly compresses lengthy URLs into neater, bite-sized links suitable for the character limits of platforms like Twitter, ensuring that your posts remain clean and engaging .

Analytics and Feedback

Google Analytics

Discover who visits your website, how they discovered you, and when they are most likely to engage with the help of Google Analytics. Such data is crucial for tailoring your social media advertising strategies to your demographic for platforms like Instagram and Google ads .

2.Survey Monkey

After a trip, use SurveyMonkey to gather client feedback and satisfaction levels. This tool can also help you explore your clients' interests, possibly revealing a demand for new services or offerings you hadn't considered .

Content Creation


Craft the perfect message with Grammarly, which checks for spelling, grammar, and even tone. This tool ensures your social media captions, trip descriptions, and client communications are professional and on-point .


Engage your audience with visually appealing graphics made using Canva's user-friendly design platform. With a plethora of templates and design elements, you can create eye-catching content for sharing across social platforms .


If you're embracing video content, Typito is like Canva but for videos. Add text, create overlays, and produce shareable content that provides a glimpse into your services or travel insights, ideal for platforms like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram Reels .

Utilizing these social media tools effectively can significantly improve your visibility and client engagement without a premium investment. Integrate them into your marketing strategy to enhance your travel agency's digital footprint and keep your audience captivated.

Some More Tools to Boost Your Effectiveness

1.Streamline Instagram Scheduling with ‘Later’

For travel agents focusing on curating an attractive Instagram presence, ‘Later’ stands out as a tailored scheduling tool. It provides an intuitive platform to plan and preview your posts, ensuring your feed remains visually appealing and cohesive. This app simplifies the process of maintaining a consistent brand image on Instagram, allowing you to set up and forget your posts, while Later takes care of the rest .

2.Automate with ‘IFTTT’

Automation is key in today’s fast-paced social media landscape, and ‘IFTTT’ (If This Then That) serves as an essential hub for this purpose. By utilizing IFTTT, you can create automated workflows that reduce the manual effort of social media management. For example, you can automatically share your latest travel blog posts across all social media platforms as soon as they're published, ensuring timely updates without the need for constant attention.

3.Organize with ‘Trello’

Content planning can easily become overwhelming, but ‘Trello’ offers a solution to keep all your social media activities neatly organized. With Trello's board system, travel agents can plan posts, collaborate with their team, and stick to a consistent posting schedule. This can help you map out campaigns and ensure that no travel tip or destination highlight goes unnoticed .

4.Engage with 'Repost for Instagram'

Building a sense of community around your travel agency is important; ‘Repost for Instagram’ aids in this by facilitating the sharing of user-generated content. Sharing visuals and experiences from your clients not only adds authenticity to your social media pages but also encourages more user interaction and engagement.

5.Curate with ‘Feedly’

To position yourself as a travel industry expert, keeping up with the latest trends and news is essential. ‘Feedly’ is an excellent content curation tool that allows you to stay informed and share relevant, intriguing content with your audience. This practice translates to higher value perception by your clients and potential clients as they view your agency as a knowledgeable source .

6.Edit on the Move with ‘InShot’

Creating engaging video content is now more accessible with mobile applications like ‘InShot’. This tool allows you to edit videos on your mobile device, enhancing their quality before sharing across social media platforms. Videos have a high engagement rate, and polished, professional-looking content can attract a wider audience to your services.

7.Preview with ‘Feed Preview for Instagram’

Maintaining a visually pleasing feed is crucial on Instagram. ‘Feed Preview for Instagram’ enables you to see how your scheduled posts will mesh together before they go live, thus ensuring a consistent and attractive feed that is likely to draw in more followers and potential clients.

8.Monitor Hashtags with ‘Tagboard’

‘Tagboard’ provides analytics on the performance of your hashtags across various social platforms. Tracking this can help you refine your social media strategy by pinpointing what resonates best with your audience, leading to increased engagement and reach.

9.Boost Video Content with ‘Pexels Videos’

‘Pexels Videos’ is a valuable resource for travel agents looking to incorporate high-quality visuals into their content without the worry of licensing fees. It offers a library of royalty-free videos that can enhance your marketing materials and add an air of professionalism to your social media presence.

10.Optimize Link Sharing with ‘Linktree’

Finally, ‘Linktree’ maximizes the potential of the single link allowed in your Instagram bio. By directing followers to a customized landing page, you can guide them to various online destinations such as your website, latest blog post, or promotional offers, ensuring a smooth user experience and better conversion opportunities.

Advanced Social Media Strategies for Travel Agents

As you continue to grow your travel agency business through social media tools, here are some advanced strategies to consider:

1.Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach a larger audience. Collaborate with travel influencers who align with your brand. Their endorsement can significantly boost your credibility and visibility.

2.Use Social Media Advertising

Consider investing in social media advertising. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer targeted advertising where you can reach potential clients based on their interests, location, age, and more.

3.Host Contests and Giveaways

Hosting contests and giveaways can increase engagement and attract new followers. For example, you could give away a travel accessory or a discount on a travel package.

4.Utilize User-Generated Content

Encourage your clients to share their travel photos and experiences and tag your agency. User-generated content is authentic and can act as a powerful testimonial.

5.Monitor Your Performance

Use analytics tools to track your performance. Understanding what works and what doesn't will help you refine your strategy and improve your results.

What are the Top 7 Mistakes that Travel Agents make on Social Media?

Travel agents, like any other businesses, can make mistakes when using social media. Here are some common ones:

Mistake 1:

Trying to Do It All:

Being on too many platforms or trying to create too much original content can lead to large gaps in activity, not updating content, or not replying to comments.

Mistake 2:

Using the Same Content Across All Platforms:

Each platform has different content features and capabilities, and should therefore have a slightly different strategy.

Mistake 3:

Not Understanding Each Social Media Platform:

Each social media platform has different content creation capabilities. Not taking the time to understand how to best utilize each platform is a common mistake.

Mistake 4:

Posting Personal Pictures and Status Updates:

Your potential clients are looking for a professional business page that shares relevant information and articles that actually educate and inspire on the topic they are there for—TRAVEL.

Mistake 5:

Only Posting Pictures of Beaches on Various Islands with Generic Messages:

Your audience wants to see something new, unique, and exciting. With generic images, you will never get beyond the “Like”.

Mistake 6:

Posting a Link to Your Blog on Your Social Media Pages with No Description and No Hashtags:

Posting a link is simply not enough. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “Why should I click that link? What’s on the other side of it?”.

Mistake 7:

All You Post Is Sales Pitches and Prices:

Constantly pitching sales makes you seem needy, and your page just seems like a spam fest.

Avoiding these mistakes can help travel agents and travel companies better use social media and effectively attract, engage, and win new travelers who would love bookings with you.

Remember: Social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to build a loyal following and see the results of your efforts.

So, stay consistent, engage more politely with your audience, and always be on the lookout for new trends and opportunities.