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Golden Week Japan 2024: Dates and Travel Tips for an unforgettable experience

Golden Week 2024: dates and travel tips | Visacollect

Japan's Golden Week is a time of happiness, custom, and travel. From the end of April to the beginning of May, this week-long holiday lets both Japanese people and visitors enjoy their culture through several national holidays. Whether this is your first time travelling during Golden Week or you've done it many times before, our guide for Golden Week Japan 2024 has everything you need to make the most of this special time.

What does Golden Week Japan Mean?

With four national holidays in seven days, Golden Week Japan is one of Japan's most-anticipated vacation times. A lot of Japanese people travel during this time, both within Japan and to other countries. It's a busy time with lots of cultural events and excitement.

Dates for Golden Week Japan 2024:

Golden Week 2024 begins on April 29 and ends on May 5. Here are the important times and things you should do:

Showa Day is April 29

To start your Golden Week, there will be parties in places like Tokyo and Kyoto where you can see the cherry blossoms.

On May 3 (Constitution Day)

you can go to the Haru No Fujiwara Matsuri, a spring event that is full of history and culture.

On May 4, which is "Greenery Day,"

enjoy nature and the outdoors by going to the Marugame Castle Festival.

On May 5, which is Children's Day,

don't miss the lively Koinobori Festival, which honours kids and families.

How to Get Around Japan During Golden Week 2024:

Book early:

With so many people travelling, it's important to book your housing and transportation ahead of time.

Travel Smart:

Plan for crowds by giving yourself extra time to get to your destination and looking for sites that aren't as crowded.

Stay Connected:

If you want to find out about events and get around easily, a good internet connection can be your best friend.

Stay Flexible:

Being flexible means being ready to change your plans. Since so many people are always on the go, being spontaneous can help you find secret gems.

Things to Do in Japan During Golden Week 2024:

In Japan, the Golden Week is more than just a holiday. It's a cultural event that lets people explore and celebrate in a lot of different ways. Many national holidays mark this special time of year, which makes the country a vibrant tapestry of cultural celebrations, natural beauty, and shared happiness. If you're planning a trip to Japan during Golden Week 2024, here are some must-do things that will make your trip memorable.

Enjoy the Beauty of Cherry Blossoms

Looking at cherry blossoms, or hanami, is more than just an activity in Japan. It's an experience that captures the fleeting beauty of nature and the spirit of Japanese aesthetics. As the petals of the cherry blossoms open, parks and shrines all over Japan, from Tokyo's busy streets to Kyoto's quiet paths, become places of delicate beauty. When you do hanami, you can really enjoy the beautiful spring scenery, so you have to do it during Golden Week.

Take part in traditional celebrations.

Traditional festivals are a big part of Golden Week. Each one tells a story about Japan's rich cultural history. Seeing the skill and beauty of geisha performances in Atami's beautiful scenery is a treat that you can only get at the Atami Odori Geisha dance festival. The historical Haru No Fujiwara Matsuri, on the other hand, takes you back in time with its processions and warrior shows. It honours the Fujiwara family's history in Hiraizumi. These gatherings are more than just events; they give you a glimpse into Japan's heart.

Get in touch with nature

As part of Golden Week Japan, Greenery Day urges people to get back in touch with nature. Japan has a lot of parks and gardens that are nice places to get away from the noise and chaos of the city. Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo has large landscapes, and Kairakuen in Mito has been carefully planned and built. Each green area has its own story of peace and conservation. During your Golden Week trips, taking a slow walk or just enjoying the peaceful surroundings can be very relaxing.

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In Conclusion

Golden Week Japan 2024 is a chance to get to know Japanese culture and customs. You can enjoy everything from the peaceful beauty of cherry blossoms to the lively atmosphere of national events if you plan and are willing to try new things. Do not forget to book your trip early and be open. This is a great chance to see the Land of the Rising Sun.


What is Golden Week Japan?

Golden Week is a set of four national holidays that happen over seven days every year between the end of April and the beginning of May.

Why do so many people want to travel during Golden Week Japan?

It's one of Japan's longest holiday times, so a lot of people can travel and enjoy a lot of cultural events.

How can I stay away from the crowds in Japan during Golden Week?

Plan to go to places or sites that aren't as busy early in the morning or late at night.

Do I need to schedule my lodging ahead of time for Golden Week Japan 2024?

Yes, because there are so many travellers, it is strongly suggested that you book your rooms well in advance.

During Golden Week, can I take the bus or train?

You can use public transport, but it will likely be busier than normal. You might want to book reserved spots if you can.

Which events in Japan during Golden Week 2024 should you not miss?

If you want to see something truly cultural, you should go to the Atami Odori Geisha dance event and the Haru No Fujiwara Matsuri.

How can I get outside during Japan's Golden Week?

To enjoy Japan's natural beauty, go to one of the many woods, parks, or gardens, especially on Greenery Day.

How is the weather in Japan during Golden Week?

The weather is usually warm and nice, which makes it great for doing things outside.

What should I bring to Japan for Golden Week?

Bring clothes that are comfortable and good for spring weather, with extra layers for cooler nights.

How can VisaCollect help me plan my trip to Japan during Golden Week 2024?

VisaCollect makes it easier to get visas online and plan trips, so you can have a stress-free trip during this busy holiday season.