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Discover the Cheaper Countries to Live In and Work

Cheapest places to live in the world | Visacollect

Do you often stare out of your office window and daydream about going on foreign trips and visiting other countries without breaking the financial plan? Do you dream of seeing different cultures, enjoying foreign cuisine, and losing yourself in stunning scenery! Many cheaper countries to live in provide amazing experiences while letting you stretch your money farther than you could have ever dreamed. These reasonably priced locations offer the ideal backdrop for a happy and reasonably priced way of life whether your search is for energetic city life, peaceful countryside, or adventurous locations.

The good news is, though, travel is not always costly. Many reasonably priced nations allow you to live and work—perhaps even while on travel—while getting far more bang for your dollar. Today we're looking at the ten cheaper countries to live in.

One of the best advantages of working overseas can be a reduced cost of living.

Most people believe that living overseas or long-term travel will be expensive, and true, if you choose pricey nations, your hard-earned money might not carry you that far. You might be amazed, though, how well you can live on a modest income if you stay in some of the less expensive countries and avoid well-known, highly expensive locations like Australia or Italy. When you might be learning about other cultures, travelling, and making a good living overseas, why slave away in a downtown office?

Actually, for many people moving and working overseas, a low cost of living is one of the main attractions. Though pay will usually be less, your expenses should be too. Additionally, many good paid employment available will let you stretch your money even farther while living in a low-cost location.

Cheaper Countries to Live In

Based on recommendations from thoughtful travellers like YOU, here are ten of the most affordable nations to call home this year.

1. Vietnam

Vietnam is the ultimate budget travel destination for anyone wishing to live and work in an exotic location but cannot afford a fortune. For expats, it is among the greatest and least expensive nations to call home. Vietnam offers enough to see and do even if it is still somewhat of an insider tip regarding less expensive places to live in. Vietnam is a relatively adventure travel location, has great scenery to discover, and offers mouthwatering native cuisine for foodies.

Ho Chi Minh City in the south, capital Hanoi in the north, and Da Nang in the national centre comprise the major cities. These cities will house most employment opportunities.

Popular Jobs here: Teaching English is the most often sought-after employment for foreigners in Vietnam. With average monthly pay ranging from $1,101 to $1,700 USD, which exceeds in several surrounding nations, English teachers have multiple opportunities.

Cost of living: The city or area you decide to visit determines, like in most nations, Vietnam's cost of living. Of sure, cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are more costly than rural areas; but, the pay is also higher. If you stick to local restaurants or street cuisine, eating out costs roughly $1–3 per meal; a small flat may be rented for about $250 a month; Western-style restaurants are roughly $10. With local public transport beginning at about $0.30 and taxis from just $0.50 per km, transportation is rather reasonably priced.

2. Costa Rica

For a very solid reason—not only because Costa Rica is among the ten less expensive nations to live in—probably the most popular country in Central America is Costa Rica. Immediately you will fall in love with this nation and its "Pura Vida" attitude from lush jungles, beautiful beaches, and friendly residents. And since Costa Rica is one of the less expensive nations Americans may reside in, you won't have to go broke living and working there. Additionally readily available are bargain flights from the US, which makes a trip to Costa Rica much more appealing. Costa Rica is more costly than other nations in the region, including Guatemala or Nicaragua, but the distinction is that incomes also often are higher.

Popular jobs here: Instruction in English, Travel, SCUBA Diving

Cost of living: A dinner in a neighbourhood restaurant will be about $3–6; rent runs from $300–800 depending on the size of the flat and location; local transportation starts from $0.70 each trip.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is on our list of cheaper countries to live in, hence you might be shocked. Hear us out though. Look to Eastern Europe if you would want to work and live overseas in Europe but are turned off by the exorbitant price tags of nations including Italy and France. One of the less expensive nations in Europe, Bulgaria has quickly become a favourite destination for visitors. A small budget may let you live like a king in Bulgaria, and the nation's centre location is ideal for touring the area—countries like Greece, Turkey, and Romania right at your doorstep. Bulgaria boasts a rich and vivid past going back over 8,000 years, so your time off will be well worth investigating.

Popular Jobs here: Teaching English, employment in tourism

Cost of living: A dinner in a cheap restaurant will cost you about $5, rent for a one-bedroom flat starts at $230 per month, and a public transit trip may run as low as $1.

4. Mexico

For most Americans and Canadians, Mexico is only a hop, skip, and a cheap flight away; why travel farther than you need? Mexico presents something to appeal to everyone. Think of Mayan ruins in the jungle, blue Caribbean seas, and laid-back Pacific Ocean beach communities. Oh, and have we yet addressed street food? From tacos to tamales, ceviche to aguas frescas, the cuisine is not only drool-worthy but reasonably affordable. Living expenses would be a fraction of those in Western cities if you choose more local sites like Merida or Guanajuato instead of tourist traps like Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Popular Jobs Here: sales, au pair, tourism, and English teaching.

Cost Of Living: A one-bedroom flat runs from $200 to $500 a month; street food costs from $1 a meal; a monthly pass for local transport runs from $16.

5. South Africa

Worried that you'll get lost while working and living abroad? Worry no more; some reasonably priced nations where English is spoken exist as well; South Africa, #5 on our list of the greatest and least expensive places to live in. South Africa is the most reasonably priced English-speaking nation available for residence. Not only can you get by without attending language school, but most South African cities also offer a high quality of living, comparable to Western cities, which will help the change to be much simpler. This makes it a strong rival as the most affordable English-speaking nation one could reside in! Should that be insufficient, the most southern nation in Africa is also among the most naturally varied culturally and geologically on Earth. From safaris to whale viewing, and river rafting to zip lines, you will never get bored.

Popular Jobs here: Teaching English is still a common choice even though South Africa is an English-speaking nation since it boasts 10 other official languages. Additionally, there is a full spectrum of employment in tourism and with foreign businesses.

Cost of Living: Rent for a one-bedroom flat runs from $350 to 500 a month; a domestic beer runs from $1.70; a meal at a nearby restaurant starts from $8.

6. China

Though it may not be your usual place of employment overseas, working in China can be simultaneously highly profitable and quite reasonably priced. Salaries here are higher than in many other Asian nations, and the flourishing economy indicates a lot of employment from which one can choose. Of course, the major cities like Beijing and Shanghai will have more of a cost, but incomes will also be much more. China is a fascinating nation to visit; many overseas programmes will schedule activities and even free Mandarin classes, so you might even find yourself picking up a whole new language there.

Popular Jobs Here: Though Au Pair employment is also readily available, teaching English is the most sought-after job for expats in China.

Cost of living: If you avoid China's largest cities, you may find shockingly low living expenses. A one-bedroom flat rent starts at $300; a dinner in a nearby restaurant runs about $3.

7. South Korea

Although South Korea isn't the least expensive place to live or work, it's ranked here since programmes usually include free accommodation, drastically lowering the cost of living. Salaries are also rather competitive. Given South Korea's reputation as among the top countries in the world for foreign language instruction, teaching English is the appropriate career path. Korea is a great destination for employment, saving money, and travel. The natural beauty is stunning and unique; the cuisine is fantastic; and the people are friendly.

Popular Jobs here: Instruction in English, Sales

Cost Of Living: Although Korea's cost of living is higher than other Southeast Asian nations, it is still rather reasonable; restaurant dinners start at $6 and rents for one-bedroom apartments start at about $375.

8. Thailand

Thailand must be on any list of the top and cheaper countries to live in. Travellers all around have come in love with the Country of Smiles even before the film "The Beach." Here, even in huge cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, living expenses are shockingly low. Though they are rather more costly than other beach resorts worldwide, beach resorts are nonetheless rather affordable.

Thailand is the ideal place to live and work because of its crystal-clean seas, intriguing culture, and good cuisine.

Popular Jobs Here: Although most people teach English, there are also hospitality jobs available.

Cost of living: For $600 in Chiang Mai, for instance, one can live comfortably. In malls, food courts, markets, and street booths you can get $1 lunches. For your studio in a Western-style development, rent can start at $150 a month. A public bus ride starts at about $0.30.

9. Peru

Peru could be the ideal nation for you if you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip on a budget—the bonus is that it's among the less expensive countries to live in! Ranked among the least expensive nations on Earth, your money will go far more here than in other South American nations. For any visitor, hiking the Inca Trail and seeing Machu Picchu are musts; yet there are many more hidden treasures to find as well. From the dunes in Ica to the Amazon rainforest, living and working in Peru will allow you plenty of opportunity to investigate the Inca kingdom.

Popular jobs here: Teaching English and working for non-profits and environmental initiatives, yet you might also find work in marketing or tourism.

Cost of Living: Rent for a one-bedroom flat can be as low as $250; a lunch from a local market will cost you $1–3.

10. Poland

Poland is another great and reasonably priced place if your heart is set on working and living in one of the less expensive nations in Europe. Although less popular than its neighbour Germany, Poland is gradually drawing international visitors and expats into hotspots. Though roughly half the cost you would spend in Germany, the major towns of Warsaw and Krakow are highly contemporary and provide all the Western conveniences you could require. Although teaching is a possibility, there are also a broad range of professionally qualified service employment possibilities available that pay really well. Particularly since Poland is a part of the Schengen zone, which allows you to visit without a visa, EU residents will find this country of interest.

Popular Jobs Here: Customer service and English teaching.

Cost of Living: Rent for a one-bedroom flat starts at about $350, and a lunch out at a cheap restaurant is just about $5.


You can work and live in many great, reasonably priced nations and earn money there as well. Using your pay in a less developed nation will allow you to save money and subsequently travel more after your employment finishes. Whichever low-cost nation you choose from our list, make sure you check salaries and inquire about whether the programme offers bonuses or extras that can help your money go even further—like free rent! Most importantly, though, have an incredible journey!

Visa Collect: Your Key to Affordable Living Abroad

VisaCollect streamlines the visa application procedure to these less expensive nations for residence. VisaCollect guarantees you meet all eligibility criteria and submit the required papers by offering detailed instructions, therefore guiding you through the sometimes difficult application processes. Thanks to VisaCollect, you may quickly apply for working holiday visas, therefore realising your ambition of living and working in reasonably priced locations. VisaCollect is your go-to tool for a seamless and quick visa application process whether your needs are advice, updates on visa quotas, or individualised assistance.

FAQs: What You Need to Know About Living in Cheaper Countries

1. What is the difference in the cost of living between these places?

All of these countries are cheap, but the cost of living can change depending on how you live, where you live, and how much you spend. The cost of living is usually cheaper in Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia than in European countries like Portugal and Bulgaria.

2. Can I find places in these countries where people speak English?

Yes, most of these countries have built up expat communities where English is spoken by many people, especially in tourist areas and bigger towns.A lot of residents in the Philippines are very good at speaking and understanding English.

3. How good is the health care in these less expensive countries?

A lot of these places, like Malaysia and Costa Rica, are known for having affordable, high-quality healthcare programmes. Having health insurance is always a good idea, just in case something goes wrong.

4. Is it safe to live in those places?

While safety varies by country and area, these are the ones that most expats think are safe. You should look into certain places and take the same safety measures you would in any other country.

5. Can I get a job in these places?

There are jobs available, especially teaching English, working as a tour guide, and working from home. Different countries have different rules about working visas, so it's important to check the rules.

6. What about how stable these countries' governments are?

Some of these countries have had unstable governments, but many of them are safe and friendly to foreigners. When making a choice, it's smart to keep up with current events and think about how they affect politics.

7. How hard is it to get a visa or live in these countries?

Rules about visas and residency vary. In some places, like Portugal and Ecuador, you can get a retirement or investment visa that can lead to permanent status. Others might need a company to sponsor them. With VisaCollect, these steps can be made easier.

8. Can I buy a house in these places?

Foreigners can usually buy land, but there may be some limits. In Indonesia, for example, outsiders usually can't own land, but they can rent it for a long time.

9. What about making friends and blending cultures?

In these countries, social life can be very active, and there are lots of chances to meet people from both the local and expat groups. It takes time to become part of a culture, but learning the language and taking part in local events and activities can help.

10. How does VisaCollect make it easy to move to these places?

VisaCollect makes moving easier by giving you up-to-date information on what visas you need, how to apply, and how to get settled in your new country. Our knowledge makes it easier for you to move to the place you've chosen.