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Indian Tourist Visa for Australian Citizens


You need a Visa to travel to Australia if you have a passport from United States.

Valid for 1 year

Multiple Entries




Live Your Dream to Explore India: Apply for India Visa Online in Minutes

Are you dreaming of exploring the vibrant and most diverse cultures of India? From the beautiful beaches of Goa to the bustling streets of Delhi, your journey begins with a simple click - your Indian Tourist Visa.

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  • Applying online, anytime, anywhere: Skip the embassy hustle! Our user-friendly platform and mobile app take care of it all, no matter where you are.
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India's more than 7 wonders are just a click away:

  • Explore the bustling streets of Mumbai or the ancient temples of Varanasi.
  • Marvel at the Taj Mahal's timeless beauty or embark on a wildlife safari in Ranthambore National Park.
  • Indulge in the rich flavours of Indian cuisine or immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Rajasthan.

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What is Indian Tourist Visa for Australian citizens?

Indian Tourist Visa for Australian citizens is your gateway to the wonders of the subcontinent. Whether you're planning a leisurely vacation or visiting friends and family, this visa is essential for temporary entry into India.

Key points to ponder:

  • Temporary entry: The Tourist e-Visa allows you to explore India for tourism, visiting friends and family, or even short-term study, for up to 3 months.

  • Online Visa application: Skip the queues and apply securely online from anywhere in the world.

  • Clear documentation: While the e-Visa doesn't feature barcodes, it clearly outlines your authorised stay and any specific conditions.

  • Friendly communication: Immigration officials may reach out for additional information via phone or interview to ensure a smooth entry process.

Things to Keep in mind while applying for Indian Tourist Visa from Australia

  • Not everyone needs Indian Tourist Visa: Some nationalities may be eligible for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for India, offering a simpler entry option.

  • Choose the right visa for India: While the Indian Tourist Visa covers most visitor situations, there are other visa options the Government of India offers for your longer stays or specific purposes.

Ready to embark on your Indian adventure?

What can you do with an Indian Tourist Visa (for Australian citizens)?

The Indian Tourist e-Visa opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to experience the diverse landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality of India.

Here's what you can do with your India Tourist Visa for Australia:

  • Experience your adventurous spirit: From exploring ancient ruins to trekking through lush forests, India offers endless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

  • Connect with India’s diverse, cultural colors: Whether you're sharing a meal with a local family or participating in traditional festivals, the e-Visa lets you immerse yourself in India's vibrant culture.

  • Experience more than just tourism: In addition to leisure travel, the e-Visa allows for short-term study, business meetings, or medical treatment, providing flexibility for your trip.

Guidelines for a Smooth Journey from Australia to India

While the Indian Tourist Visa offers convenience and flexibility, it's essential to adhere to certain guidelines for a hassle-free experience:

  • No paid work: The e-Visa is strictly for leisure and temporary stays. Engaging in paid work or business activities is not permitted.

  • Short-term study: While short courses or workshops are allowed, longer-term studies require a dedicated student visa.

  • Temporary stay: The e-Visa grants temporary entry into India, but it does not provide a pathway to permanent residency.

  • Multiple visits to the same country: While you can enter India multiple times within the visa's validity period, extended stays through frequent visits are not allowed.

Planning Your Finances

Planning your Indian adventure? Ensure you have the necessary financial support during your stay.

Here's how you can demonstrate your financial stability:

  • Bank statements: Provide recent bank statements showing sufficient funds for your trip duration.

  • Employment proof or the reason to visit India: Submit pay slips or employer letters to demonstrate your financial stability.

  • Letter of invitation: If you're being hosted by a friend or family member in India, they can provide a letter of invitation along with their financial documents.

Ready to apply for your Indian Tourist Visa?

How to Apply for an Indian Tourist Visa for Australian Citizens?

If you are an Australian citizen planning a trip to India, here's how you can apply for the Indian Tourist Visa:

Step 1: Kickstart Your Indian Escape

  • Visit the official Visa website or India’s government website to apply for the Indian Tourist Visa, and follow the instructions provided.

  • Fill out your passport information and travel plans, and choose your payment method (debit, credit, or PayPal).

  • After submitting the initial details, you will receive a confirmation email with the next steps for completing the application.

Step 2: Finish the Journey & Trust the Experts

  • Upload your supporting documents and complete the online visa application form for India.

  • The visa processing team will ensure your application meets all government requirements. They will communicate if any additional documents or appointments are needed.

Step 3: Indian Tourist Visa Appointment (Optional)

  • If required, your appointment will be pre-booked, and you will receive a clear PDF guide explaining the necessary steps.

Here's what you'll love about applying:

  • Simple & seamless: The online Indian visa application process for Australian citizens is straightforward.

  • Expert guidance: The visa processing team will assist you at every step.

  • Government-approved: Rest assured that your application is in good hands.

  • Clear communication: You will be kept informed throughout the process.

Documents Required

To apply for the Indian tourist visa for Australian citizens, ensure that you have all the required documents, including your passport, national ID, bank statements, and proof of accommodation.

For any updates or specific visa requirements based on your nationality, it's recommended to check the official immigration website or consult with the concerned Government Department of India for Tours and Travels.

Bon voyage to your trip to India!


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